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Vodafone UK Online Store



Multi-Channel E-Commerce Solution

In 2004 Vodafone UK appointed PJ Media to become their outsourced partner to design, build, host and manage their Consumer online store.

 This relationship grew from strength to strength, starting with the doubling of their online Pre-pay sales in 2005. PJ Media went on to launch their Enterprise Online Store, Telesales Online interface and the Retail stores ‘pre-order’ application to create a true multi-channel solution.

 Over the 7 years we have been engaged, we have developed highly proven, powerful, integrated, cross-channel sales tools which has helped form the bulk of today’s modular product offering.



Solution overview?


PJ Media deployed our BRANDPATH® E-Commerce platform from briefing to launch within just 4 weeks. Such was the success of the launch that the new e-commerce shop delivered sales at a multiple of 3x the original store. From this point in 2004, PJ Media went on to deliver additional modules such as the SME Store, Real-time Online Upgrades, Multi-Channel Pre-order, Tariff Selector and many other marketing or campaign led promotions.

At our peak, we handled millions of unique visitors per day and over 100,000 orders in a single week.

ESOM® Integration

The proving ground for our integration module, Vodafone UK required deep integration with their BSS in order to fulfill real-time upgrade quotations through the PJ Media platform and real-time customer approvals and SIM Provisioning. Both were achieved in very short timescales, making Vodafone UK the first network to offer a single point of access across multiple channels to real-time upgrade data and e-commerce transactions.

PJ Media went on to provide continued integration support for multiple channels and multiple  propositions to both the platform and affiliate partners alike.


Key highlights for our work with Vodafone UK over the last 12 years are as follows:

  • 2004 – Prepay store launched in 6 weeks
  • 2005 – Pay Monthly switch-on
  • 2006 – Launched affiliate program
  • 2007 – Online Upgrades + Number Porting
  • 2008 – ATG integration
  • 2010 – Transacted over 40,000 sales across
  • 2012 – Engaged to provide ongoing Professional Services


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