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PJ Media is a world leading provider of end-to-end e-commerce and e-care solutions to telecommunications brands and partners alike. We provide the capabilities and the know-how to take brands online and transacting through digital channels within aggressive timescales. For over 10 years, PJ Media has been marketing telecommunications products and services to a global audience of consumers and businesses. Through our 9 locations around the world, we have successfully changed the fortunes or launched online entities for dozens of brands and for thousands of products. The services that we offer include:

  • Designing, building and optimising omni-channel and cross-channel journeys for maximum conversion
  • Integrating operator BSS and OSS with both digital and traditional channels
  • Implementing streamlined processes for optimal customer order handling or interaction management
  • Providing reporting, analytics and dashboards for the monitoring and growth of electronic transactions
  • Improving customer ARPU’s and tenures through powerful marketing campaigns and value-added-services
  • Launched thousands of new products into the market on behalf of world class brands
  • Handled over 300,000 thousand reverse logistics items.
  • Integrated with over 50 logistics partners to provide the right solution by market
  • Stored, held and managed over 100,000 thousand SKUs on behalf of over 100 brands in our strategically located network of warehouse facilities internationally.
  • Managed direct supply chain solutions for 50+ international brands
  • Transacted over 5 million times with consumers in 200+ countries around the world; in 20+ languages and in 30+ currencies

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The amount of money generated by PJ Media platforms since 2004.


The increase in conversion of our customer journey templates since 2010.


The number of transactions through our systems since 2008.


The first to launch Facebook Top-up entirely within the platform.


The increase in ARPU generated by our Czech Republic CVM campaign.


The increase in customer activations generated by our CRM Programme.