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Our e-care solution provides a lightweight, simple set of user account management and billing / usage features.

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Our e-care solution provides a lightweight, simple set of user account management and billing / usage features. PJ Media provides e-Care solutions to Tier 1 operators and using our extensive experience of BSS integration, we have been able to optimise e-Care interactions with customer systems to significantly reduce loads of down-stream systems.

To that extent, our e-Care solution comes with the following benefits:

  • The PJ Media e-Care systems allows for rule changes and e-Care template administration to be done through our CMS system
  • PJ Media has experience of integrating with Oracle, Siebel, Great Plains, Sage and SAP systems for the purpose of interrogating billing and usage data
  • The PJ Media e-Care platform uses the ESOM data caching feature to effectively deliver large volumes of usage and billing data without major impact to your BSS

Included capabilities:

  • B2C e-commerce through multiple device
  • View & Edit Account Details
  • View & Search Usage History
  • Generate Bills
  • Create Batch Postal Bills
  • View Bills
  • Pay Bills
  • Manage Numbers
  • Manage Tariff & Add-ons
  • Change Bars and Locks



Subscriber Management

Account Management

  • Edit Personal Details
  • Edit Communication Preferences
  • View/Edit Service Options
  • View/Edit e-News Opt-ins
  • Register for Services

Subscription Management

  • View Package
  • View Add-ons (Add Services)
  • View Up-Sell Package
  • Buy Add-ons (Additional Services)
  • Upgrade Package
  • Manage Numbers

Payment Management

  • Add/Edit Payment Card
  • Manage Payment Options
  • Pay Bills
  • Pay Bills (Quick Pay)
  • Reload Prepaid Plan
  • Reload Prepaid Plan (Quick Load)


View Bills/History

  • View Usage History
  • View Bills
  • View Archived Usage
  • Download PDF Bills


Manage Devices

  • Bar/Block
  • View ‘How To’ Guides
  • FAQ’s
  • Purchase Devices (Start)
  • Upgrade Devices (Start)


3rd Party Integration

  • Payment Providers
  • Money Transfer Providers
  • Search Analytics
  • Top-Up Providers
  • Loyalty Scheme Platforms


BSS Integration

  • Siebel /Oracle Integration
  • Tibco Integration
  • Fusion Middleware Integration
  • Dynamics Integration
  • Sage Integration
  • SAP Integration



  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • View Targeted Promotions
  • Manage Promotions
  • Download PDF Bills

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