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Our BRANDPATH COMMERCE solution is a cloud-based, high capability platform specifically designed for and used by operators globally. BRANDPATH COMMERCEis an enterprise grade, SOA (Service Orientated Architecture) based, modular platform, comprising a powerful set of e-commerce modules combined through our core services sitting on top our Enterprise Service Orchestration Module (ESOM) mediation and request marshalling layer.

Over the last 10 ears, our SOA approach to developing features has focused on developing and delivering re-useable modules and services, which together comprise a powerful suite of e-commerce capabilities.

Included capabilities:

  • B2C e-commerce through multiple device
  • B2B & Partner e-commerce
  • Social e-commerce
  • Content Administration and Merchandising
  • Retail & Telesales Tools
  • Multiple Payment Options and Processing
  • Customer Services Management



Everything Sales


When it comes to capability, there is much to cover for the modern operator. Through multiple categories of proposition to diverse, information led customer journeys covering both existing and new customers, our platform has been expanded and enhanced to leave nothing aside.

  • Conversion Optimised Storefront with checkout
  • Pre-built, Flexible Mobile Customer Journeys
  • Order Tracking & Account Management
  • Product Bundling and Complex Option Pricing
  • Number Selection & Ordering
  • Tariff Adviser & Selector
  • Soft Sales (inc. Services, TV Packages, Fixed lines, DSL)
  • Device Sales (inc. Handsets, Tablets, Accessories)

One Platform – Multiple Devices

Why build multiple stores when you can have just one? One of the major benefits of modern internet programming technologies is the use of responsive design to eliminate multiple interfaces and template designs.


The PJ Media platform supports responsive design for the effective display of your e-commerce and e-care portals on the following devices:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Tablet PC’s
  • Mobile Devices
  • Internet enabled TV’s


Our e-commerce module contains an electronic voucher system that allows the redemption of vouchers in exchange for discounts and complimentary products. The voucher system contains over 300 different mechanisms and voucher types including:

  • Referrer Restricted
  • Product or Tariff Specific
  • % Discount or Money Off

Social Commerce

Proud to be First. PJ Media was the first to offer an end-to-end prepaid subscriber top-up journey entirely within Facebook. Our Social E-Commerce solution also allows your customers to start other valuable journeys directly from their social interaction and carries crucial data into compatible channels to be mixed with transaction information.

  • One-time registration
  • Instant Repeat Reloads
  • Social Data Integration
  • Basket Starter and Information Transfer

Content & Product Management

The PJ Media CMS (Content  & Product Management System) has the capability to manage changes to any content or the product catalogue through a simple graphical user interface that includes the drafting for new changes and multiple version control. Through versioning, PJ Media or your own employees can create content or product catalogue changes that can be tagged with a auditable attributes to track changes.


Customers can create, edit or delete product/page content and preview the effect prior to implementing the changes. Such changes can include the following:

  • Menu structures and menu items
  • Templates & page content
  • Product content, pricing and bundling
  • Imagery and Assets

Since 2004, over 80 Million transactions have been managed and processed by the PJ Media E-Commerce platform.

Payment Processing

We are integrated with multiple payment partners across multiple currencies in several different territories. From local payment types and methods through to the major card schemes and 3rd party providers, we have the majority of methods.


Our platform can accept and process transactions in 177 currencies, from over 45 payment brands across e-commerce, m-commerce, telesales and retail channels.

Retail & Telesales Support


Product Management

The PJ Media CMS has the capability to present every product sold in the normal telecommunications portfolio such as:

  • Handsets, Tablets
  • Accessories, Merchandise, Gifts
  • Tariffs & Add-ons
  • Soft Products (Services, Warranty)
  • Cross sector products (TV, broadband, etc.)

The platform also has the capability to combine every type of product in the portfolio in a bundling system. This allows unlimited combinations of products to create an unlimited sales package.

Customer Order Management


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