01 Software Platform

No brand can survive without a flexible, customer-facing digital platform that integrates seamlessly with their systems. An eFulfilment service capable of handling rapidly increasing order volumes is vital in todays’ competitive digital arena.

Our flexible software platform of powerful eFulfilment modules is called BrandHUB™ which enables every aspect of end-2-end fulfilment in a multi-channel environment. Streamlined customer journeys coupled with the latest supporting internet technologies deliver worldwide, feature-rich, cross-channel experiences to drive sales and deliver a world class eFulfilment service. In todays competitive world, an eCommerce solution without BrandHUB™ isn’t good enough to deliver success for brands that have to provide the highest level of customer experience.

Our BrandHUB™ software platform is agile and scalable giving the brands we work with everything they need to succeed in a highly competitive digital world:

  • Multilingual & Multi-currency eFulfilment software
  • Localised processing methods
  • Fully managed CMS and CRM systems
  • eCommerce integrations e.g. Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, Square, 3DCart, Localised, eShopWorld, Global-e
  • Live Reporting and analytics
  • Advanced fraud screening
  • Integrated ERP modules