03 Value Added Services

Stock availability and inventory management is critical to a successful eCommerce operation and coexists with optimising profitability across multiple customer channels. This value-added service is a key eCommerce consideration and provides the ability to optimise inventory in response to fluctuating demands - delivering high rewards.

Our eFulfilment services go beyond just Logistics – maximising the inventory potential and the customer experience.

Innovation is key – many products now require bespoke solutions and customisation - both on initial inbound receipt and outbound on a ‘just in time’ basis. Ranging from upgrading software, reprogramming, kitting and bundling, through to simple labelling or repackaging.

Our hyper-flexible, fully customisable value-added services enable us to exceed your customer’s expectations and deadlines each day, every time without compromise.

We can provide a whole host of tailored services, giving you the flexibility you need in an ever evolving eCommerce marketplace.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do:

  • Design, re-packaging and relabelling
  • Gifting services
  • Postponement – late stage configuration
  • Order lifecycle management
  • Software, configuration, re-flashing
  • Product bundling and kitting
  • Individual track and trace capabilities